American DJ H2O LED

Referencia: American DJ H2O LED
The American DJ H2O LED is an improvement of the very popular H2O 250 EX. This new unit has better optics and brighter LED output producing vibrant colors.


• Bright 10W LED simulated water flowing effect
• Designed to project on walls, ceilings or floors with or without fog – great for mood or background lighting
• Equipped with 2 glass effect wheels and 1 independent dichroic color wheel
• 6 colors: Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and White
• High-tech plastic molded ends protect unit during transport and day-to-day use
• Manual focusing lens
• 2 operational modes: seamless scrolling colors or single color operation
• Beam angle: 33 degrees&52 degress (2nd lense included)
• Includes hanging bracket
• Run all night – units stays cool – no duty cycle
• Long life 10W LED (30,000 hr. rating)
Precio: 150,00€
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