HK Audio Elias ESYS EPX System

Referencia: HK Audio Elias ESYS EPX System
Description HK Audio Elias ESYS EPX System consists of four powered 15" subwoofers and two powered 12"/1" mid-/high-range units pumping out a total of 2400 watts RMS, the new ESYS EPX certainly lives up to ELIAS rigs’ long tradition of delivering the goods. Public address doesn’t get any simpler than this – simply stack ‘em and enjoy big, bold sound. ESYS EPX is a sound system engineered to delight every top 40-band. Easy to transport, it sets up and tears down in just a few minutes. And as far as mains power goes, a little goes a long way. This rig delivers lots of power without overloading small venues’ power supplies. And courtesy of its very forgiving voicing, sound-checks have never been easier or more enjoyable. It is flexible, so you can position its compact components on or next to the stage. It even has a high-end mini PA built in for tiny venues: If you’re playing an “unplugged” gig in an Irish pub, leave the ESYS EPX bass bins in the rehearsal room and take the fullrange-enabled mid-/high-range units. ESYS EPX does so many things so well, but none better than serving the needs of top-40 and gala bands that play bigger halls and power DJs who demand an all-in-one rig that packs a mighty low-end punch.
Precio: 3.200,00€