Akai MPC 2500 MIDI Production Workstation - 32-voice polyphony, 16MB built in RAM (expandable up to 128MB). 64 thomann MIDI channels, 16 dynamic pads, 4 pad banks, 2 integrated FX processors and 1 main out FX processor, 2 assignable Q-Link faders and knobs for real time control, optional CD drive and optional hard drive, USB computer connection port (data transfer, backup and wav thomann file import), Chop-Shop (loop slicing in single samples with automatic pad assignment), extensive sample editing (including cut and paste, time stretch, slice, resampling, waveform display, discard, extract, delete, silence, normalize, reverse, and pitch-shift), pad sample edit (pitch shift and time stretch), professional thomann onboard sounds, 240 x 64 graphic LCD with backlight, 10 analog outputs plus stereo digital I/O, 4 Q-Link controllers (2 faders and 2 knobs), coaxial S/PDIF I/O, Compact Flash card (type I or II, up to 2GB). Dimensions: 415 x 93.5 x 334mm. contains thomann 32 MB Compact Flash Card, Available options: EXM128 RAM expansion board and CD-M25 CD Drive.
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