Zomo FlightBag DDJ para Pioneer DDJ

SKU: Zomo FlightBag DDJ para Pioneer DDJ
The Zomo FlightBag DDJ is pretty practical and it is an absolute professional solution to carry and to store the Pioneer DDJ-T1 or the Pioneer DDJ-S1.

In this Zomo FlightBag there is a very sturdy and very durable metal frame inside the padding that protects your devices perfectly. Next to the huge and well cushioned compartment for the Digital DJ Controller, the Zomo FlightBag has two side compartments. One pocket is for the notebook. It is huge enough to put almost every size of notebook inside. There is also another compartment for transporting and keeping other accessories like cables or software or plugs. Hence the FlightBag has a zip fastener to close each compartment you can put your personal stuff like admission tickets.

By the comfortable shoulder belt and the well-padded and removable carrying handle and the additional exterior pockets, the Zomo FlightBag is a transport solution which offers every single advantage of a DJ Bag and of a Flightcases . Of course, all interior compartments are manufactured with high-quality padding. For this reason your content is protected.

The Zomo FlightBag DDJ is a grandiose buddy for both versions of the Pioneer DDJ DJ controller.

Sheer genius and absolutely cool! It´s Zomo!
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